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Colleges In Sutter County

Sutter County has been a part of California since the state’s founding in 1850. It is one of the original counties and for that, it has a rich history. One year later after its founding Sutter County was generous enough to give parts of it to Placer County thus giving the state of California more counties. As of 2006, Sutter County was home to close to 94,000 residents.

The history of Sutter County has parts that intertwine with its present day status. Its name sake is a man that is looked upon as an agricultural visionary. His name was John Augustus Sutter and he was the first to look at Sacramento Valley as an agricultural empire. He set up Hock Farm in the place where Yuba City is now located and that city is Sutter’s current county seat.

John Joseph Montgomery is one of the famous inhabitants of Sutter County. His birth took place in Yuba City in 1854. Montgomery is best remembered for successfully flying an aircraft and hold a patent for an aeroplane 20 years before the Wright Bros. did.

Sutter County’s Central Valley location along the Sacramento River gives it a natural beauty. The county has the Sutter Buttes. This is a volcanic formation that has the title of the world’s smallest mountain range. Sacramento Valley has a flat presentation so Sutter Buttes actually gives it texture. Other notable bits of nature include the Sacramento River on the west and the Feather River on the east, which totals 240 miles of levees. The Sacramento River uses the Sutter Bypass to change the path of flood waters and that bypass cuts right through the county.

The lifestyle in Sutter County is one that pairs rural living with the closeness of the big city close by. Sacramento gives residents the big city without it having to be right in their back yard. Enjoy theaters, the Yuba Sutter Fair, restaurants and shopping. Don’t forget about the outdoor fun with hunting, fishing, and golf.

While the lifestyle is quaint the colleges offer quality education within close knit communities. Butte College is a community college and the University of California-Davis Extension helps those wanting to earn a higher education. Other colleges include California State University-Chico, California State University-Sacramento, University of California-Davis, and Yuba College.

Sutter County is predominately Republican with a Democrat winning way back in 1940. That man was Franklin Roosevelt and it has been republicans ever since. While the politics don’t change, the transportation does. Sutter County wants you to be able to travel and tour so they have the Yuba Sutter Transit that works as a local bus service, but also travels to downtown Sacramento. The county airport is also located just south of Yuba City and provides travel to visitors and residents alike.

Sutter County is a great place to visit and an even better place to live. The scenery is beautiful, the location is conveniently for country style living and the hustle and bustle of down town fun.

Colleges in Sutter County, CA
College Name Campus Location Student Count
Cambridge Career College Yuba City81

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