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Colleges In Yolo County

Yolo County is located in the state of California and is bordered by the counties of Sutter, Solano, Sacramento, Napa, Colusa and Lake. The county was part of the original counties that made up California when it became a state in 1850. Yolo County’s original name was Yola. Yolo is a Native American name. Yolo County is part of a large metropolitan area and a huge component in California’s tomato industry.

The government of Yolo is ran by five district supervisors. It is also ran by 4 of its incorporated cities. They are Woodland, Winters, Davis and West Sacramento. Unincorporated cities include Clarksburg, Esparto, Knights Landing, Madison, and Rumsey. The area of Yolo is just over 1,000 square miles and 10 miles of that is made up of water.

The University of California-Davis is located in Yolo County. It is a research university and one of 10 campuses that is part of the University of California school system. Woodland Community College is another college located in Yolo County. It is a 2 year institution and the second college in the Yuba College District.

Since Yolo County is so close to Napa County it would be easy to see why wine is a major part of the community. There is fresh produce grown from local farmers, wines and farmland. A Taste of Yolo will leave you with a rural experience with many local crops grown and scenic beauty.

There is also the Yolo County Arts Council. This organization is non-profit and is supportive of all of the performing arts. They also work to provide communication with the arts and businesses, education and government.

There are numerous parks in Yolo to spend the days outdoors. Picnics, football games and jobs around the park make family fun days seem like they are never ending.

County libraries are also abundant in Yolo. There is wi-fi access for even more detailed work and information. There are 6 county libraries in Yolo and even a law library in Yolo County. Story time for the kids and homework help are some of the activities offered at the local libraries.

Yolo County is strongly Democratic when it comes to elections and a county that loves art, both learning and teaching it. Visit Yolo today and sip wine, take in an art or a class at the local college or just admire the beauty of this California county.

Colleges in Yolo County, CA
College Name Campus Location Student Count
University Of California-Davis Davis29,796

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