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Colleges In Yuba County

Yuba County is one of the original counties that made up California when it became a state in 1850. The county is located in the Central Valley of the state with the California state capital, Sacramento to the north. Yuba County runs right along the Feather River.

It is a rather small county with a population that is below 80,000. It was named after the Yuba River. John Sutter is the man responsible for naming the river and subsequently the county. He named it for the Native American village of Yubu.

The area of Yuba County is small with only 644 square miles. Thirteen miles of the entire area is water. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is part of Yuba’s geography. Te western slope of the mountains is steep and a great place for hydroelectric power plants. Marysville is the location of the county seat and where most of the residents live. Its location is west of the mountain range and where agriculture is the business of choice. Cattle and fruit orchards are the top choices.

There are towns, cities and communities located within Yuba County. Some other communities exist here that are historic, some are located in the mountains and others are located in the valley. Many are mining companies that no longer exist and others have become parts of larger communities. They include Challenge, Eagleville, Iowa City, Stanfield Hill, Waldo Junction and a list of others.

Places of interest include protected areas like Plumas National Forest and Tahoe National Forest. Plant species like the Yellow Mariposa Lily also exist in Yuba County. There are also major highways, state route 20 and 65, and local bus services to get around town. Yuba Community College is also located in Yuba and can take you places in life and career that you never imagined.

Yuba County is a place that has natural beauty wrapped up in the business of agriculture.

Colleges in Yuba County, CA
College Name Campus Location Student Count
Yuba College Marysville9,904

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