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Colleges In Butte County

Butte County is located in the state of California and has been a part of history in more ways than one. Its location is in the Central Valley that is just north of the capital of California. Being close to Sacramento gives it beautiful scenery for both visitors and residents alike to enjoy and admire.

Butte County is known as the, "Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty". It definitely holds true to that phrase. There are many reasons for that title too. Its location is surrounded by the Feather River and the Sacramento River. There are also two perennial streams that also run through Butte County. They are Big Chico Creek and Butte Creek. They both serve as tributaries for the Sacramento River. The largest waterfall in the US is also located in Butte County. Its name is Feather Falls. Water lovers will be in heaven in this county.

The beauty of Butte County makes it a popular place to visit and live, but that is not all that this county has to offer. It has been the site of various movies. Filming for Gone with the Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Outlaw Josey Wales and a few others used Butte County as their muse. They forever captured Butte County on film and for that; Butte will always be on the map.

A college education can be earned in Butte County with attendance to one of two universities that are located there. Butte-Glenn Community College is located in the northern part of the state between the towns of Paradise, Chico, and Oroville. Oroville is the location of the county seat, which was named after Hamilton. Unfortunately, Hamilton is no longer a city, just a graveyard that has become overgrown in appearance throughout the years. It is now known a ghost town rather than the original county seat. Butte County also offers close to 90 public schools within its various cities.

Butte County is moderately sized with a population that reached close to 215,000 in the year 2005. The county has four major hospitals that put it inside an area referred to as Health Service Area 1. Another part of Butte County is the Air Quality Management District that regulates airborne pollutants in the county. In the recent years, the district actually made it okay for residents to burn trash outdoors.

As far as politics go in Butte County, there are 5 members that make up the Butte County Board of Supervisors that control the county on a local level. The casinos in Butte County are held accountable by a tribal government while the majority of the county falls within California’s 3rd Assembly District. Federal standards put the county in the 2nd congressional district of the state. Butte County is majority republican.

The county also has 5 airports that include Chico Municipal, Paradise Airport, and Richvale Airport. Public transportation is also offered in Butte with the B- Line, which is the Butte Regional Transit. This gets residents and guests around the cities of Butte like Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Gridley, and Biggs. The city of Chico also serves as connection point for Glenn Ride buses and Plumas Transit Systems to Glenn and Plumas Counties. If you are traveling further, then you can take Greyhound buses out of and to Chico.

While visiting Butte County and its surrounding cities you can visit Butte County Library through 6 branches located in each city that you will find there. The bookmobile even gives those residing in rural and mountain communities a chance to engage in various library activities. Parent meeting, workshops, and computer training give everyone a chance to rid the world of literacy.

The county of Butte also has two casinos for your fun and amusement. One casino is Feather Falls in Oroville and the other is Gold County also located in Oroville. Other activities that the whole family can enjoy include visits to the Butte Sink National Wildlife Refuge and either the Plumas or Lassen National Forest. Butte County is an enjoyable addition to the great state of California. Its beauty and love for the outdoors is what makes it special and an amazing place to visit or call home.

Colleges in Butte County, CA
College Name Campus Location Student Count
Butte College Oroville12,228
California State University-Chico Chico17,034

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