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Colleges In Kings County

In the Central Valley of California there is a county there called Kings. Its claim to fame is that it is a top agriculture producer. In addition, the NAS Lemoore calls Kings County home. This particular institution is the United State's Navy's largest master jet air station. It is also the newest one to date.

Hanford is the county seat for Kings County. The Hanford-Corcoran Metropolitan Area is one that Kings County is a part of. This could a contributing factor in the population rise from 2000. The population jumped 30,000 according to figures that were an estimate in January of 2009.

Tulare County got up a part of its land, in the western part, so that Kings County could be established. Its formation took place in 1893. Years later in 1909, more land was added to the surface area of Kings County from a part of Fresno County. Kings County's name actually comes from the three wise men in the Bible. El Rio de los Santos Reyes (River of the Holy Kings) was the name that became the inspiration for Kings.

Kingston is a town that once existed in Kings County. It is now a historical landmark. Mussel Slough Tragedy and El Adobe de los Robles Rancho are also historical sites in Kings County that make for great tourist attractions.

Agriculture is king in King's County. Export agriculture was actually doing better here because food prices are on the rise. The NAS Lemoore and three prisons in the county are important employers in the county. While these two companies provide many jobs, Kings County still surrendered to the recession with an unemployment rate of 15.5 percent in October 2009.

The law in Kings County is set under the California Constitution. The county does not have a county charter, but a board of supervisors with five members. With no term limits, the board can run with the same members for years.

The politics in Kings County are somewhat divided between the democrats and republicans. The votes do tend to lean more towards the Republican side, as a Democrat has not won their votes since 1968.

In King's County, the history, and the agriculture seem to be the top two events. They both can be entertaining and fun for the entire family.

Colleges in Kings County, CA
College Name Campus Location Student Count
West Hills College-Lemoore Lemoore3,833

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