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Colleges In Marin County

Marin County is located in the San Francisco Bay Area across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The Civic Center in Marin was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and that is not the only famous person to be a former or present resident of the county.

America the band and Andre Agassi call Marin home. Jennifer Aniston, Julia Child, most of the members of the band The Grateful Dead and Sammy Hagar do too. Other notable celebrities include Carlos Santana, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Van Morrison and Chef Tyler Florence.

Marin County's beginnings started in 1850 when California became a state. The county was one of the 27 original counties that was incorporated at the time. Marin’s name sake is not entirely clear. The Licatiut tribe of American Indians’ Chief Marin is one version of how the county got his name. Another version for the name is from the bay between San Quentin Point and San Pedro Point. Bahía de Nuestra Señora del Rosario la Marinera is the name of the bay and it is said that Marin may be a shortened version of it.

Marin County has scenic roads running through its vast cities. Dillon Beach Road, Crown Road, Panoramic Highway and Tomales Petaluma Road are just a few located there. Public transportation opportunities are all over the county of Marin. Golden Gate Transit is one that not only serves Marin, but San Francisco and Sonoma County as well.

Education is one of the reasons that Marin County is so popular. The College of Marin is located in Kentwood and Indian Valley. Dominican University of California is located in San Rafael. The Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and San Francisco Theological Seminary are also located in Marin County.

Marin County is full of ecosystems including oak woodland and riparian zones. Plant and animal species are also present here. There is the California Red-legged Frog, California fresh water shrimp and the Tiburon Indian paintbrush, a flower. The Lagunitas Creek Watershed has an abundance of Coho salmon, which are considered endangered.

The economy in Marin County is flourishing with various companies. Large private sector employees include Comcast, Macy's, Wells Fargo, Lucasfilm, and the Marin General Hospital to name a few. The media in Marin also accounts for employment as well as useful information for residents. The Pacific Sun is a free newspaper that can be found throughout the county and Channel 26 is public access TV in the county.

Marin County has had a fair amount of success with its use in films and books. The Body Snatchers, book, used Mil Valley as its setting. The movies The Godfather and the sequel were filmed right in Marin County. The movie Village of the Damned that came out in the year 1995 was filmed entirely in Marin as well.

You can visit Marin for the atmosphere, take a walk and enjoy the scenery or stand in the same places as some pretty famous actors. That could make the family vacation go from boring to awesome.

Colleges in Marin County, CA
College Name Campus Location Student Count
College Of Marin Kentfield6,476
Dominican University Of California San Rafael2,125
San Francisco Theological Seminary San Anselmo459

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