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Colleges In San Joaquin County

Add another county to the list of ones located near the San Francisco Bay Area. San Joaquin County is located in Central Valley in the state of California. Its urban status puts it at a staggering 610,000 plus population according to census counts in the year 2006, although the official population count was 620,000 .

San Joaquin has a history that includes it as part of the original counties for when California entered statehood in 1850. San Joaquin got its name from the river with the same name. Gabriel Moraga found springs in the Sierra Nevada that emptied into Buena Vista Lake. That was in the early 1800s and when the county got its name. The county also is the one that had the first permanent residence in San Joaquin Valley.

Stockton is the county seat of San Joaquin and 109 places in the county are populated. Lathrop and Lodi are cities located there while August and Farmington are a part too because they are CDP's. That stands for census designated places.

In San Joaquin the language spoken the most is English with 66.4 percent. That is followed by Spanish and Tagalog with hints of Mon-Khmer, Cambodian and Vietnamese. There are close to 182,000 homes and 40 percent of those have children under 18 living there. Another good point is that over fifty percent of couples in San Joaquin are married. 17 percent of population is below the poverty line.

San Joaquin County has had success on the NASDAQ. The county is home to at least two traded companies and those are Diamond Foods and Pacific State Bancorp. Look for the symbols DMND and PSBC the next time you are looking to get into the stock game.

The media in San Joaquin is not limited to just periodical. There is a daily newspaper in Stockton called The Record and The Lodi News Sentinel which is the daily paper of Lodi. 209Vibe is an internet and paper success. It can be read online through the website and is also and alternative monthly paper that covers arts, music and culture. There is also a crime website for the city of Stockton that can be found online at

For those seeking out education San Joaquin County has 3 institutions to learn and earn at. The University of the Pacific is located in Stockton, California with two other locations across the state. California State University-Stanislaus can also be found in the city of Stockton as well as San Joaquin Delta College.

San Joaquin County is one for both family and scholar. Besides the three colleges there are numerous activities, both indoor and outdoor, to enjoy. The Haggin Museum showcases art and history, the Bob Theatre gives the performing arts a voice and the Pixie Woods Amusement Park is a treat for both the young and old.

Other attractions include the 5 day county fair, county parks, historical society and museum and the arts commission. When it comes to San Joaquin County and the city of Stockton they are all about the art, both performing and paintbrush.

Colleges in San Joaquin County, CA
College Name Campus Location Student Count
Heald College-Stockton Stockton727
Humphreys College-Stockton Stockton756
Itt Technical Institute-Lathrop Lathrop647
Maric College-Stockton Stockton575
Mti Business College Inc Stockton250
San Joaquin Delta College Stockton18,668
San Joaquin General Hospital School Of Radiation Technology French Camp-
University Of The Pacific Stockton6,235

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